Resolving Contract Disputes in Daytona Beach, Florida

When you sign your name on a contract, you are giving your word. When individuals and businesses fail to uphold their obligations under a contract, trust disappears and commerce suffers. If you are currently involved in a business or contract dispute, an experienced business law attorney can protect your interests and help preserve your bottom line.

Daytona Beach Contract Disputes Lawyer

As a former county judge and criminal prosecutor, I am no stranger to jury trials. I enjoy plying my trade in the courtroom and look forward to trying cases. Whether your case involves a purchase agreement, employee contract or anything in between, you can rely on me to aggressively pursue the justice you deserve.

Put an end to your contract dispute and protect your bottom line. I work hard to resolve cases as efficiently and effectively as possible in order to save time and money for my clients. Contact me today to schedule an appointment at my Daytona Beach office.

Failure To Do a Job Is Not Acceptable

If you signed a contract with an individual or business, they are required to uphold their end of the bargain. If not, you should not have to pay. Likewise, if your business performed a service and are now encountering resistance when it's time to collect payment, I will aggressively go after what you deserve.

Business Litigation Is Serious Business

You take your job seriously and deserve an attorney who does the same. I work hard at my craft and try many cases every year. Can you afford to trust your business litigation needs to an attorney who rarely goes to court?

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