Parental Rights Lawyer in Daytona Beach, Florida

Florida passed a new law that became effective on July 1st, 2023 that changes the parental rights of a father when the parents of a newborn child are unmarried. The new law automatically confers an equal status to both the mother and father of a newborn child. One of the specific parts of the law reads: “The mother of a child born out of wedlock and a father who has established paternity are the natural guardians of the child and are entitled and subject to the rights and responsibilities of parents.”

In the past, the mother was designated as the natural guardian of the child and retained all of the parenting rights. If the father chose to become the legal father, either by affidavit or having their name on the birth certificate, all they were assured of was having to pay child support. Fathers often had to go to court to get other parental rights, including visitation rights.

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How Are Parental Rights for Unmarried Fathers Determined in Florida?

With this new law, fathers are automatically assured of receiving equal parental rights of their newborn child. However, these rights, how they can be exercised, and how they are split between the two parents, are still undefined. It's vitally important that you consult a knowledgeable attorney to secure your rights to be a part of your newborn child's life.

How Much Will You Be Able to See Your Child?

Visitation rights are just one part of the decisions that can be made regarding an unmarried father of a newborn child. Child support is still required. However, there are also medical, educational and religious decisions that can be established in a legal agreement. If you need legal advice and information about being an unmarried parent of a child, please call my office and schedule an appointment.

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