Daytona Beach, Florida, Domestic Violence Attorney

Are you being abused by your spouse or significant other? Have you been wrongfully accused of domestic violence? Regardless of what side of the coin you are on, an experienced lawyer can provide you with the skilled legal counsel you need.

I have extensive experience handling domestic violence and related issues in Central Florida and I worked as a criminal prosecutor and county judge before opening my legal practice. I understand the "ins" and "outs" of these cases and will work hard to safeguard you and your rights.

Domestic violence can ruin lives and needs to be treated seriously. To schedule a meeting with me at my Daytona Beach office, contact me today. I accept all major credit cards.

What Do You Need? I Can Help

If you are being abused, you need to get an injunction or repeat violence injunction, and I can help you do it. The injunction will prevent an alleged abuser from getting close to you, your home or even your place of employment. I will skillfully guide you through the injunction process, including the initial filing and the hearing.

Also, if you are not getting a divorce, you may need help putting your home back together. I provide referrals to counseling and other services and have connections with substance abuse and anger counselors in the area.

Were You Wrongfully Accused?

A conviction for domestic violence can ruin your life. It could cause you to be kicked out of your home and lose precious time with your children. I will aggressively defend you against these charges and do everything I can to prevent an injunction.

To discuss your needs with me in a safe, comfortable environment, call 386-947-0909 to schedule an appointment.